I have worked on the magical Island of Guernsey for a number of years and just love being there. I stay with a wonderful couple called Trevor and Ann Pearson who make my stay there perfect, it is just like being at home.

When I arrive on the island, my first visit would be to go to the church of St. Samson to the grave of Linda Martel. She was a very special little girl in her short life of 5 years and 2 months. More about Linda Martel here.

Linda Martel very often helps me while I work on the island. My time there is divided between taking the Sunday services with two demonstrations, many private readings and a variety of workshops.

Over the years I have made many good friends and acquaintances and have recently been very touched by individuals who have chosen to make the effort to travel to England for a personal reading after having the opportunity to see me work in Guernsey. This is just a short insight into my time on Guernsey.

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