I have worked in Germany for 3 years now. My friend and colleague Terry Tasker introduced me to the people in Germany for which I thank him for.

A lovely lady and hardworking interpreter called Elvie meets me at Frankfurt Airport and drives me through beautiful forest areas until we arrive at her tiny village high in the mountains.

I have met many interesting people there from all walks of life. People travel miles to sit with me as an English medium. One young man travelled 5 hours on public transport to see me. I enjoy watching their faces as I have no idea of their reply until Elvie translates their words. It is a true partnership from spirit through spirit to spirit.

I really enjoy going to the forest in my spare time. It is only about 10 minutes away. I get a lot of my help walking in the peace and quiet of these very beautiful surroundings. I have seen it in all seasons but my visit last December was amazing in the snow. This is a magical place that literally takes your breath away.