Linda Martel

Linda Martel was a very special child. Her healing ability first became apparent at the age of three. In addition, and when even younger, she possessed a commanding presence, a gentle authority that surprised all whom she met.

Linda acquired a remarkable reputation as a healer, so much so that, for many years after her death in 1961, her parents continued to supply snippets of her clothing to sick enquirers who allegedly gained benefit there from.

Although, like any small child, and especially one so disabled, Linda was entirely dependent upon her family, yet when giving healing she controlled events with an ability well beyond her years. Many who knew her felt that they were speaking to a mature and wise woman.

Seldom depressed, this child had a strong sense of humour, one of those rare souls whose being exuded such happiness as to envelop within all whom she contacted. Though her years were short, she accomplished more in her 5 years on Earth than many do in a long lifetime.

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