You may be interested in learning the art of Trance Mediumship (sometimes known as transfiguration) or other aspects of clairvoyance and enhancing your existing abilities.

Trance Mediumship is a gentle and fascinating introduction into communicating with our spirit guides. I have worked as a Physical Medium where I allow myself to enter a trance state. I sit in a specially prepared area that shuts out all light around me apart from the front and this helps me to relax.

I am aware of my surroundings but relax enough to allow spirit to use my physical body to help them with their communication. Sometimes, my voice changes, but often my facial features change slightly. In the photographs, you will notice orbs of pale light. This is believed to be spiritual energy that manifests during trance. This is a very safe and gentle exercise and at no time do you lose any control over your own thoughts or behaviour.

I arrange these for group meetings at various locations. Please refer to my Upcoming Events Page for future bookings. If you wish to organize a group meeting for one of my workshops, with a group between 16 and 20 people in your area (S.E. England), please contact me here for details.