Debbie (Private Reading)

I just want to thank you for my amazing reading yesterday! I feel blessed that spirit want me to evolve on my own spiritual path and I felt really close to my loved ones who came through with messages – I feel very privileged.

You gave me a name from my dad ‘Anthony’ then he said ‘not Anthony but Tony’. I couldn’t place the name then but now I realise he was talking about his boss of many years Tony Pearson – and guess where he lived (and where we visited often) …… Stansted Mountfitchett ……. exactly where Stansted Hall is!!!!! I know what I need to do – get up there for a workshop!!!!

You truly have an amazing gift – bless you.

Teena Crowson (Private Reading)

Thank you for my private reading on 31/08/13 it gave me the knowledge that wherever we are our loved ones are always around which I needed you to tell me and that I just wasn’t seeing or hearing things. It’s a wonderful gift you have and to bring so much comfort to all around you, thank you so so much Pauline (I was looking through your website and to my amazement you have a picture of LINDA MARTEL, the connection was unbelievable. I was close to her family and spent a lot of time with her father and would sit with him and listen to all he had to say.

He was writing his book at the time and had many, many visitors, and to be in the house just made you feel at home. I would make him a cup of stewed tea as that’s the way he liked it and plenty sugar, what a coincidence it was from that time my thoughts changed about the afterlife). You have such a beautiful gift and you put yourself aside to help others and bring the answers to many questions, I told my daughter about the Chanel perfume, that was the first ever perfume my daughter had ever bought as I never ever wore perfume, the picture of the young male, the picture of my husband, the hospital tables, my mum and dad and the bond between my husband and myself and the ring my husband had designed for me (that was the boat trip on the Nile in Egypt and my name is in hieroglyphics ) only close family knew that.

Lianne Blackford

Wow how amazing! Pauline you give me a reading at Church on Sunday and asked if I had tried on a big pink dress. Although I was planning getting married I had not set a date and certainly not looked at dresses. You then asked if I was going up north to stay with my mum, I said maybe but had no plans! Three days later my mam had found the perfect wedding dress for me and bought it and it was big and pink! I travelled up north the next week to stay with her and try it on, how did you know ūüôā now my wedding is booked and can’t wait and because of you I KNOW my grandparents in spirit will be there, thank you love & hugs.

Rosie Lamb

Dear Pauline, thank you for the reading on Monday. I just wanted to tell you that one of the messages you gave me which I didn’t understand at all, suddenly dawned on me that night when I was falling asleep. You said you saw me surrounded by high quality cars during my previous career. Well it dawned on me that the very last job I did before I left the events industry, was a large prestigious event for Mercedes. Other things are coming clear to me also. Thank you & keep doing your amazing work.

Zoe Howes

Hello Pauline, I would just like to say many thanks for the reading you did for my mother (and me as it turned out!). It gave her the comfort that she has been needing for a long time now. I have, in the past, assured her that my brother was in a better place, and was always with us, but I think she needed that reassurance from someone else, which you were able to provide.We have listened to the reading many times, and looked into some of the things in the reading which Mum wasn’t sure of at the time, and the names David and Rae were significant because they helped mum out an awful lot when my brother was a baby and had to go to hospital in London quite a bit, so they made David Keith’s Godfather. To my knowledge, they are still on the Earth plane, it is a good piece of evidence for my mum. I have found the writing that my brother said I had, which is an exercise book full of stuff he was researching about our family tree, which I have now taken up and continue to try to complete. I am very grateful for giving my mum the reassurance and peace that she needed, and as ever, I will try to be more aware of the spiritual helpers around me, in an attempt to enlighten my path ahead. Kindest regards.

Lily Hallett

Dear Pauline,¬†I just want to thank you again for my lovely reading with you today. I have seen a few mediums in the past but none of them have I connected with as well as I did with you, the minute I walked into your room I felt calm and at ease and was excited to hear what messages you had for me and I wasn’t disappointed. I left you feeling so much happier and calmer than I felt before I got to you and I feel I have the strength ¬†from what you’ve said and the messages you’ve given me to move forward and not look back. I played my reading tape back to my husband who is a non believer and who has always been negative to everything I’ve said from returning from a medium but this time he sat and listened and I could see in his eyes he couldn’t question the things you knew and he admitted he couldn’t question how you knew. Especially when he heard you ask “who’s David” you really are the best medium I have ever seen and I can’t thank you enough for my reading! Hopefully see you soon.


Hi Pauline,¬†Thank you so much for all the help and support you have given me and my family since the tragic loss of my lovely son, Tony.¬†Because of you, I now know without question that I haven’t lost him, but that our lives carry on, and in his words, it’s just different for now.¬†When we first met, you said you felt we were meant to meet.¬†Not only have you given me amazing readings on many occasions, but you saw potential for spiritual development in me, which wasn’t a path I would have would have gone down. I’m so thankful I have taken your advice and followed it. I had no knowledge of anything spiritual before meeting you. It’s changed my life and my purpose for being here.

The way you deliver messages from our loved ones is both compassionate and honest. You gave me and my daughter Hayley our first ever reading ever. The comfort you brought to us that day has stayed with us and grown. You’ve told me things you couldn’t possibly have known unless you were told them by spirit, sometimes very emotional but often very funny too. Thank Heaven for Pauline Mason.

Love and Best wishes


July 2010 was our first meeting. I booked a reading in Germany and this reading was the changing in my life. The reading was so brilliant and you told me I could do your job. I couldn’t believe but 6 months later I started my development and education in mediumship. I am so pleased to know you. When you came over to Germany I always enjoyed your wonderful teaching and not to forget the amazing readings.

Thank you for supporting me all the time and I promise you, this is just the beginning of a wonderful pathway. Thank’s to the spirit world…

Thank you for my next visit in England.


Dear Pauline, I would like to thank you for helping me out through such a beautiful reading. I will take the guidance given and try to put my life on the path that is chosen for me. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope that you continue spreading happiness and helping people around the globe, as you have done for me and my family.


Just wanted to say again what a fantastic demonstration you gave tonight, some truly special messages given. Thank you also for taking the time to speak and console with my mother afterwards.

Sheena, Neha and Saba

Hi Pauline, thank you so much for the reading yesterday. We as a family have benefited tremendously from our chat yesterday. It is good to know that our brother is in a good place and is free from all the pain and suffering he experienced in this life. My mom is eternally grateful to you, as you have helped her move on and passed on beautiful messages from my brother. We all wish you every happiness and thank you once again. God Bless.

Maggi Kissane

Dear Pauline,¬†I would like to thank you and say how truly wonderful and uplifting my reading was¬†with you.¬†Your accuracy just blew me away, I loved the way you described my Daughter Sharna to me.¬†One of the most amazing moments in the reading¬†was when you brought my best friend Yvonne through and¬†described the gown that she was wearing that I have seen her in when she has come to me and all because her¬†family didn’t dress her. Still makes me smile to think about it and the importance of¬†being laid to rest¬†in your Sunday best.

Denis has had his tumour and kidney removed, the tumour on his liver was benign -Phew! All went amazingly well and no chemo! You reassured me everything would work out and it has and it will. I just need to get myself sorted now career wise, as you said I have the ability to heal, I am a holistic therapist and I wholehearted love working with people holistically.This year is going to be a good year! The start of a whole new positive future.

Thank you once again Pauline –¬†You are the¬†most gifted¬†beautiful woman.¬†Blessings.¬†Love and Light

Joanne Messiter

This was my first ever private reading. I am having very tough times at present and recently I have I felt drawn to Pauline, so after not being able to attend some of her public events I decided to book a 1 to 1 private reading.
Her centre was warm and welcoming and I came away feeling refreshed, it gave me peace hearing from 2 special grandparents and to feel their presence (the chill around my right leg) made me feel at ease. A huge thank you for finding my nephew, knowing he is “ok” gives me strength and happiness.

You truly are blessed Pauline and I look forward to my next reading

Jane Bunce

My Reading with Pauline was all I hoped and more. She is an inspiration for all who wish to develop their gifts of mediumship and healing. She gave me names, dates and locations with such accuracy.¬†¬†I felt informed about how to move forward on my own spiritual path and expand my horizons. With accounts of my childhood and love for my family she made the session a joyful and emotional experience for me. I didn’t want the reading to end.¬†¬†She has a warmth and compassion which puts all at ease.¬†¬† A truly blessed and gifted lady.
Thank you so, so much for the lovely reading. ¬†It has helped to banish a lot of negative memories I’d had over the past few months during poor Dad’s traumatic experiences at the end. ¬†It was the worst period of my life. ¬†I now feel that we’ve moved on to the next stage and I’m so happy to have linked up with Dad in his better, and happier, place in Spirit.I’ve just played the CD for mum to hear. ¬†I’ve played it lots of times since last Thursday. ¬†It is truly wonderful, and mum was able to confirm a lot of the things I hadn’t known (such as the fact that Dad did have auburn streaks in his hair when he was a young man!).She’d love to come and see you for a reading and I was wondering if you have a Tuesday morning in December free? ¬†This is because I don’t work Tuesdays, so I can drop her off with you and then go and have a cuppa in the Nutmeg Caf√© while she has her reading. ¬†I know she’s as keen as I was to link up with Dad. ¬†She does speak to a psychic man in London via phone, but it’s not the same, and I don’t feel gives the strong link that you were able to give me last week with Dad via your own dad and mum.
I first would like to thank you for a wonderful reading on Saturday. First time for me and in all honesty I felt so comfortable sat there with you.
When I came home Saturday night I sat and listened to the disc and wrote down nearly everything you said so I could ring my dad and discuss with him. He is amazed!! There was so much you said that I didn’t understand but he knew, we are only puzzled over 2 things now but hopefully we can unravel the mystery after some brain storming. In fact myself, my partner and my dad are all astonished by what was said during the reading and I feel my dad and I have both felt some comfort and remembered a few cherished memories we had long pushed aside.
I would like to thank you again and I will continue to come to the Ship Inn in Dymchurch to see you.

Dear Pauline, can you please update my testimonial regarding Denis Daly. The tumour turned out to he the highest grade and most aggressive form of cancer. He has had a miraculous recovery! And although he will have regular tests to keep an eye on things he has a good future ahead of him. He is in extremely good health. I put this down to healing and holistic health I encouraged him to eliminate meat, dairy and sugars from the diet. And anyone reading this who would like to know more about shrinking tumours and helping themselves through this devastating illness please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s important to know that alternative health can happily go hand in hand with conventional heath care.

Brightest Blessings


Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. I was very nervous before it because it was a first for me. I apologise if my responses were a little weak or delayed. I was really overwhelmed and was overtaken by a tumult of emotions. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my guilt of not being there with my mum has been eating at me for the last 7 years. I miss her tremendously and I could feel her love. Thank you!!!

I have some tough decisions to make and I am hoping now I have the courage to follow through.

Thank you so much … It was an experience I will never forget and I will never forget your kindness and gentle voice. God bless always!


Dearest Pauline my reading 16-7-15 in Guernsey words cannot express my thanks to you for what you gave to me I also give thanks to spirit for coming through so many loved ones as I left you I had a spring in my step and joy in my heart please keep doing what you do with greatest affection mandy


Dear Pauline, thankyou for my reading yesterday. I just needed to tell you that the name fred was the tortoises name, i was very young when he died and id forgotton his name. The young man with the bicycle clips is my cousin ben who passed away when he was 21. I think it was so emotional that the dots didnt connect. Now ive had time to think , i can join the dots. My daughter chelsie feels quite bad for jumping like she did. But im ok about it, she needed to hear from a proper professional that shes not mad. Because of your kind words she is going to embrace her gift. You are a truely beautiful soul. You have given me peace about my dear grandad, i needed to know if he was with me, and the golden syrup and loose tobacco was definately my grandad. I will be coming to see you again, but with no interruptions next time. So once again thankyou very much, you are a very special lady, i felt it when i first met you ūüôā xx


Hi Pauline
Just to say Thank you for my reading. I never thought that my daughter would come through in a reading, but I hoped that she would although I thought it would be so hard if she ever did, but the way you work as a Medium and your link to the spirit world made the reading so beautiful and peaceful. You said things that no one would have known about my daughter, and described her personality perfectly. I left you knowing that my daughter was happy and OK which has given me so much comfort. You have an amazing ability and I am privileged to have a reading from you.

Michael – 20th August 2016

My reading with Pauline was an impressive demonstration of communication between my world of the here and now, and loved ones in spirit. I have had many readings in the past ¬†but few have matched Pauline’s gentle, ¬†authentic and caring qualities. Her sense of dedication to her work is reflected in the way she was able to make me feel totally at ease and safe. Pauline’s empathic approach to both delivering messages from my loved ones, along with her understanding and tender care shown in dealing with my ¬†inevitable and natural emotions, was truly soul comforting and inspiring. You get more than just a reading from Pauline, you get confirmation of the afterlife and you will be left ¬†with a deep sense of reassurance and peace in the knowledge that your loved ones are only a whisper away.

Stewart Alexander

Pauline, has demonstrated her gift of mediumship in 2015 and again in 2016 at my twice yearly residential seminars held on the East coast. These days, it is rare to find a medium with such a wonderful special connection with the Spirit World and for that reason I am delighted that she is now an active part of them. Carry on the excellent work Pauline and know that I extend my personal thanks for all that you do to promote and demonstrate the reality of survival & communication.

Aubrey – 12th September 2016

The reading which I had with you on Saturday (10 September) was by far the best one I have ever had. It was a unique experience and I am so pleased that I found you through the SAGB. I am aware that my spirituality has gradually been developing over time and seems to have moved on at pace since the beginning of this year. You confirmed to me lots of things which I already knew about myself and some that I didn’t and that I should use my ability to train and become a Certified Spiritual Healer and use my Intuitive ability for¬†the benefit of those in need. You are just amazing and finally pieces of my life jigsaw are¬†starting to fall into place rather than the jumble of bits which it has been up until now. Looking to forward to staying in touch and keeping you informed of my developments and progress over the coming months.

Vivienne Johnson – 17th January 2018

I went to see pauline with an open mind when she started my reading it was unbelievable she knew exactly what my husband had passed with everything she told me was so accurate that I knew straight away it was my husband she had contacted.I now know my husband is with me.Going to see Pauline has given me the will to carry on she is amazing with her readings,I can only say Thank you Pauline